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Insurance for Loss of Use

When a residence becomes uninhabitable for a period of time, loss of use insurance coverage financially protects policyholders when the covered premises cannot be lived in. People with this type of insurance coverage will generally be covered for various expenses while their property is being repaired following an event such as a fire, hurricane, or other event.

Loss of use policies vary, but they generally involve three types of coverage. Most policies have a total aggregate limit for the three benefits and as well as set time limits.

Lawyer for Loss of Use Insurance Disputes in Orlando, Florida

Has your insurance company denied your loss of use claim, delayed payments, or paid you less than what you are entitled to? The Germain Law Group works to make insurance companies pay their policyholders the full benefits they deserve.

Orlando loss of use attorney Michael Germain helps clients throughout Orange County and nearby communities in St. Lucie County, Osceola County, Seminole County, and Volusia County. Call (813) 835-8888 or complete an online contact form today to have our lawyer review your case during a free consultation.

Overview of Insurance Claims for Loss of Use in Orange County

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Additional Living Expenses in Florida Loss of Use Claims

When a residence becomes uninhabitable following an insured peril, the policyholder will often have to deal with in an increase in expenses. Additional costs may include having to pay rent for a temporary residence while still paying a mortgage or rent on the unlivable premises as well money spent on meals, laundry, and moving cots.

An insurance company will typically cover any expenses necessary to help policyholders maintain a normal standard of living. This means that any temporarily rented property needs to be comparable to the size of the insured property.

Insurance companies may deduct any expenses that decreased as a result of the relocation from a policyholder’s payout, and policyholders can also be denied reimbursement for additional rent expenses if they delay returning to the insured property after it has been repaired. In these types of cases, the peril that caused the property become uninhabitable is important, as certain disasters—such as flooding—are not covered by loss of use because they would have been covered under a different policy.

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Fair Rental Value for Orlando Loss of Use Claims

If a policyholder rents out a property or portion of a property that becomes uninhabitable because of an insured peril, he or she can be compensated for the rent lost during the time it takes to repair the premises. The insurance company will typically subtract any expenses that the policyholder does not have to pay during the repair period from the payment for loss of use of a rental property.

Similar to additional living expenses, insurers will cover only the time frame that it takes for the property to be repaired. Any income lost because of delays after repairs have been completed would not be compensated.

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Prohibited Use Claims in Orange County

Following some major disasters, the federal, state, or local government may order an evacuation of an entire area. This can mean that a loss of use policyholder may be unable to return to his or her residence even though it did not sustain any damage or enough damage to make the property itself uninhabitable.

Prohibited use claims are similar to additional living expenses in that they cover the many associated costs of having to live at another rented residence while the policyholders are unable to return to their homes. It is important to understand that prohibited use claims usually must involve damage to neighboring properties.

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Florida Resources for Loss of Use Insurance

City of Orlando Office of Emergency Management — The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for reducing the effects of disasters before they occur. It plans for and coordinates the operations and response to disasters in addition to managing resources and coordination of recovery efforts following a disaster as well as providing public information. On this website, you can learn more about the office’s preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts.

City of Orlando
Office of Emergency Management
400 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
(321) 235-5438

Storm Surge Zone Maps | — Florida is a website provided by the Florida Division of Emergency Management. You can find countywide evacuation route and zone maps on this website. The website also features countywide storm surge zones maps and atlases.

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The Germain Law Group | Loss of Use Insurance Lawyer in Orlando, Florida

If your insurance company is refusing you honor your loss of use policy or is failing to provide an adequate payout for expenses you incurred while your residence was uninhabitable, you will want to retain legal counsel. The Germain Law Group works to get the most favorable outcomes to property insurance claim issues for clients in the greater Orange County area.

Michael Germain is an insurance attorney in Orlando who helps residents of Okeechobee County, Brevard County, Lake County, and Indian River County. He can provide a complete evaluation of your case as soon as you call (813) 835-8888 or submit an online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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